Yulun Zhang

Yulun Zhang 张宇伦

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University

Room 427, Richards Hall
360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, USA

Email: yulun100 AT gmail DOT com

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I am a PhD student at Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, USA and work with Prof. Yun (Raymond) Fu in the SMILE Lab. Before that I received my master degree in the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, China, in Jul. 2017 and B.E degree from School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, China, in Jul. 2013. From Mar. 2014, I was working with my master advisor Prof. Yongbing Zhang on image restoration in both Broadband Network & Digital Media Lab and Shenzhen Key Lab of Broadband Network and Multimedia, Tsinghua University. I was a visiting student (Jan. 2016 ~ Jul. 2016) in School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney, Australia, under the supervision of Prof. Dong Xu.

My research interest broadly includes sparse/collaborative representation, deep learning and their applications to computer vision tasks. Specifically, these applications lie in image processing (image restoration, generation, and style transfer) and visual recognition (face recognition/verification). I was the recipient of the Best Student Paper Award at IEEE International Conference on Visual Communication and Image Processing (VCIP) in 2015.



Research Experiences

Publications  Google Scholar

-Journal Articles

  1. Deep Alignment Network Based Multi-person Tracking with Occlusion and Motion Reasoning [PDF] [Code]
    Qinqin Zhou, Bineng Zhong, Yulun Zhang, Jun Li, Yun Fu
    IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM, IF: 3.977), vol. xx, no. xx, pp. xxx, 2018.

  2. Collaborative Representation Cascade for Single-Image Super-Resolution [PDF] [Code-Github] [Code-Baidu]
    Yongbing Zhang, Yulun Zhang*, Jian Zhang, Dong Xu, Yun Fu, Yisen Wang, Xiangyang Ji, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems (TSMC, IF: 5.131), vol. PP, no. 99, pp. 1-16, 2017.

  3. CCR: Clustering and Collaborative Representation for Fast Single Image Super-Resolution [PDF] [Code] [Code-Github] [Code-Baidu-with mode]
    Yongbing Zhang, Yulun Zhang*, Jian Zhang, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM, IF: 3.977), vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 405-417, Mar. 2016.

-Conference Papers

  1. Residual Non-local Attention Networks for Image Restoration [PDF] [Code]
    Yulun Zhang, Kunpeng Li, Kai Li, Bineng Zhong, Yun Fu
    International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2019), New Orleans, USA, May 2019.

  2. Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Residual Channel Attention Networks [PDF] [Supp] [PyTorch] [Results]
    Yulun Zhang, Kunpeng Li, Kai Li, Lichen Wang, Bineng Zhong, Yun Fu
    European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2018), Munich, Germany, Sep. 2018.

  3. Support Neighbor Loss for Person Re-Identification [PDF] [Code] [Results]
    Kai Li, Zhengming Ding, Kunpeng Li, Yulun Zhang, Yun Fu
    ACM Multimedia (ACM MM 2018), Seoul, Korea, Oct. 2018.

  4. Residual Dense Network for Image Super-Resolution [PDF] [Torch] [PyTorch] [Results]
    Yulun Zhang, Yapeng Tian, Yu Kong, Bineng Zhong, Yun Fu
    IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2018), Salt Lake City, USA, Jun. 2018. (Spotlight)

  5. Adaptive Local Nonparametric Regression for Fast Single Image Super‐Resolution [PDF] [Code] [Code-Baidu-with mode]
    Yulun Zhang, Yongbing Zhang, Jian Zhang, Haoqian Wang, Xingzheng Wang, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP 2015), Singapore, Dec. 2015. (Oral) (Best Student Paper Award)

  6. Image Super-Resolution based on Dictionary Learning and Anchored Neighborhood Regression with Mutual Inconherence [PDF]
    Yulun Zhang, Kaiyu Gu, Yongbing Zhang, Jian Zhang, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2015), Quebec, Canada, Sep. 2015. (Poster)

  7. Single Image Super-Resolution via Iterative Collaborative Representation [PDF] [Code-Github] [Code-Baidu]
    Yulun Zhang, Yongbing Zhang, Jian Zhang, Haoqian Wang, Qionghai Dai
    Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2015), Gwangju, Korea, Sep. 2015. (Oral)

  8. Single Depth Image Super-Resolution via A Dual Sparsity Model [PDF]
    Yulun Zhang, Yongbing Zhang, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE ICME Workshop on Hot Topics in 3D (Hot3D), Torino, Italy, Jun. 2015. (Oral)

  9. NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results [PDF]
    Radu Timofte, Eirikur Agustsson, Luc Van Gool, ..., Xintao Wang, Yapeng Tian, Ke Yu, Yulun Zhang, Shixiang Wu, Chao Dong, Liang Lin, Yu Qiao, ..., et al.
    IEEE CVPR New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement workshop and challenge on image super-resolution (CVPR NTIRE), Hawaii, USA, Jul. 2017.

  10. Decompressed Video Enhancement via Accurate Regression Prior [PDF]
    Tao Shen, Yulun Zhang, Yongbing Zhang, Xingzheng Wang, Haoqian Wang, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP 2016), Chengdu, China, Dec. 2016. (Oral)

  11. Single Image Super-Resolution via Projective Dictionary Learning with Anchored Neighborhood Regression [PDF]
    Yihui Feng, Yongbing Zhang, Yulun Zhang, Tao Shen, Qionghai Dai
    IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP 2016), Chengdu, China, Dec. 2016. (Oral)

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